Advertising agencies always talk of integration.

OMA is a behavior design agency that takes the old integrated agency model and turns it into something useful.

Sure, we have all the usual disciplines such as creative, media, PR, social, interactive, etc. And yeah, we do pretty spectacular things in those areas. Every agency will tell you that. What you get from us is a collection of collaborative, strategic, results-oriented brains all guided by the principles of human behavior.

We’re based in Phoenix, with a few people living the dream in our LA and Boulder offices. We have one of those typical “started in a garage” kind of stories (back in 1998). We even have a garage door in our Phoenix office as a tribute to our humble beginnings.

Our work has earned us acclaim and accolades over the years, but it’s the kudos an success stories we’ve gathered from clients that mean the most to us.


It’s not a logo. Or a tagline. It’s a promise.

Brand stewardship extends beyond making sure a logo is the right color—it involves the creation of a Brand Promise and Brand Story. And we’re master storytellers.

Content Marketing

More than 140 characters.

For us, content marketing isn’t just a blog post or a witty tweet. It’s an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to building and growing brand narrative, providing engagement to consumers through advertising, video, promotions, social media, digital marketing, out-of-home and more.

Creative Development

What you see is what you get.

And in our case, the creative you get is stunning, challenging and dynamic. From conceptual strategy to creation and final execution, we focus on visually appealing, resonant and relevant work. Work that excites the senses. And drives your business forward.

Digital Leadership

We develop strategies that hit on all digital touchpoints.

From websites and emails to microsites, mobile apps, responsive design, pay-per-click campaigns, search engine optimization and more—maximizing interactions and dialogue to routinely exceed expectations.

Media Services

From mass media to one-to-one marketing.

In both online and offline realms, we focus on making connections with the right audience at the right time through the right channel, filling a pipeline with prospects and customers—and fulfilling a need.

Performance Enhancement

For us, measurement isn’t the end. It’s only the beginning.

The beginning of refinement, optimization and a new round of work. In essence, we go where other agencies fear to tread—namely, into the land of metrics. And through our proprietary, patented technologies and platforms, we help our clients navigate the sometimes tricky waters of measurement and optimization.

Public Relations and Social Media

The world has changed drastically in the last few years, and reputation management and proactive public relations is a must for any business.

We employ a crack team of media and public relations specialists, crisis managers and social media mavens—all poised to elevate your brand and steer it clear of potential problems.

OMA is a proud partner of Worldcom Public Relations Group, which unites the skills of 2,000 communications professionals around the world through a selective partnership of independent public relations firms.

Relationship Marketing

We build relationships. Plain and simple.

From acquisition and activation to retention and ultimately brand evangelism, we nurture, cajole, entice and excite to drive connections.